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Color Viewing Considerations

Viewing proofs and press sheets under consistent lighting is critical to the color reproduction process. This video discusses how lighting and surround influence color perception and what you can do about it.

Communicating Color Effectively

Describing color with your printer is often a difficult task. This video will provide some tips on how to correctly evaluate and describe color.

Transparency and Fonts

When using transparent effects with fonts, there are some very important rules to follow. This video discusses the best ways to deal with fonts when used with transparency.

Transparency Live vs. Flattened

Transparency offers almost limitless design possibilities. But, when creating a PDF file, is it best to keep transparency live or flatten it? This video discusses the differences.

When Not to use a Font

When should you not use a font when designing a document? This video will provide some insight on restrictions that can be embedded in some font formats.

All Videos Presented By: Joe Marin, PIA Senior Analyst, Digital Technologies